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Greenfield Burg: Trees planted and statement made

With the “Every tree counts” initiative in 2018 Progroup set a precedent for sustainable and responsible business activity at its Burg site. The initiative is an example of how the company seeks to adopt a responsible approach towards “green” issues and of successful site-based sponsorship.

State Garden Show at Burg site

In 2018 the town of Burg in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, which is located on the outskirts of the state capital Magdeburg, played host to the State Garden Show. Over the course of 170 days, more than 800 events invited guests to come along and spend time amidst the flowers and trees.

A tree: a natural future

Many visitors to the State Garden Show picked up their own personal free sapling from the Progroup promotional stand. The intention was that this little tree should be planted in their own garden or placed outside their own front door. The idea was to encourage people to take a little piece of the garden show home with them: But above all it was to do something beneficial for the environment.

At the same time, the tree sponsors were asked to document the planting of the saplings at www.jederbaumzaehlt.info. The company’s aim in supporting the garden show project is to considerably increase the potential capacity for absorbing CO₂.

Keen level of participation

By the time that the State Garden Show concluded, several hundred amateur gardeners had responded to Progroup’s appeal and uploaded their pictures. At the same time, unique bags made from Progroup truck tarpaulins were given away as prizes among the participants. “By taking part in our promotional campaign, the visitors to the garden show actively helped to improve the climate. To say thank you, we are supporting a reforestation project in the region and will thus be able to absorbe even more CO2,” says Progroup CEO Jürgen Heindl.

Three business divisions at one location

Progroup has a presence in Burg with the paper production and corrugated board production divisions and with Progroup Logistics. This site is a great example of the company’s greenfield strategy: Less use of raw materials and lower emissions of the climate-harming gas CO₂ coupled with improved performance.

Sustainable and dynamic at the same time

The company can already boast significant successes with its Green Hightech philosophy: The investment in state-of-the-art production facilities has reduced CO₂ emissions during paper production by 52 per cent and during corrugated board production by 15 per cent in real terms. By investing in process optimisation, the company also plays a major part in helping to boost the image of the region as a dynamic business location. Progroup is an important employer in Burg.

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