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Innovation, cooperation and fascination

Innovation, cooperation and fascination are the drivers and the secret behind Progroup’s success. To deploy the company’s full power, we need real power players. Employees who know that every single individual matters. And that every single individual is always only as good as the team in and with which s/he works. We offer them challenges which allow them to develop and grow and the long-term prospects of working for a family-run company.


Power of Fascination


is not just the enthusiasm for paper and corrugated board as materials and the ability to exploit the almost unlimited possibilities that they offer. It is also the joy of success, taking delight in achieving something, that motivates us and spurs us on.

Power of Cooperation


describes the power that we are able to deploy in the market by cooperating with our customers with the support of our suppliers and business partners.

Power of Innovation


symbolises the tireless work to shift technological boundaries and set new benchmarks.

Questioning the technical parameters, pushing the boundaries of what is possible – this has been an essential foundation of our success right from day one. And nothing binds people together more than a collective effort to achieve ambitious goals. The desire to perform, the joy of success and pride in achieving something together – this is what spurs us on. We work together with a solutions-based approach to overcome challenges, set standards and with our successes we impress our customers, our partners and ourselves.

We at Progroup are proud to be the technology leader, organisational leader and therefore cost leader in our segment. We invest in the latest high-tech processes and constantly strive to keep developing. For we know that in a market like ours continuous innovations and optimum processes provide the crucial conditions that allow the company to be successful.

Our employees achieve incredible things. And yes, we also expect a great deal from them. But we reward them properly in return because the opportunities for promotion and career development, the team spirit and corporate culture are outstanding at Progroup. Sharing in the company’s success – in tangible and intangible ways – is a core value of our company. Power is our DNA, which is why we need power players who are capable of actually delivering this power. It is only with their support that we are able to meet our aspiration to be consistently successful over the long term.

Innovation is the core and foundation of Progroup’s successful business model. This all began back in 1992 with the formation of the company Prowell, which was based on innovation in three areas: in the business processes, in the technology and in the product. The production of a bulk product using the very latest technology so that customers can be supplied with even the smallest orders just-in-time in a cost-efficient and reliable way. With interconnected and data-driven production in which customers can place their orders online and view the status of their orders at any time. The capacity for innovation has remained an important driver of Progroup’s success to the present day. Progroup‘s Next Generation products showcase Progroup’s product innovations. The processes and machines which are deployed in the area of paper and corrugated sheetboard production set the benchmarks in the industry. And Progroup is also embracing completely new ways of collaborating in its business processes with the packaging park models by entering into cross-company strategic partnerships with its customers.

The working relationship that we have with our customers along with the integrated process organisation within our company are crucial to our success: Without close cooperation no packaging park model would be successful, there would be no innovations that we can develop jointly with suppliers and also no functioning, team-oriented process organisation.


Markets are changing at an ever faster pace and with the packaging park models we are playing a particularly important role in helping to set the pace of these changes. We are championing and experiencing more cooperation than ever before, and this is enabling us to experience superb growth! The idea of the packaging parks, whether at our customers’ premises or directly at their customers, is elevating the working relationship to an entirely new level. It is boosting the level of performance and scaling the added value created – for us and our customers.


But we also see the Power of Cooperation within the company. We manufacture a bulk product and it is crucial here that all processes are perfectly organised. Every employee plays a vital, indispensable role at the place they work. Our success is therefore a team effort and a joint effort from every single employee, wherever they work within the company.

Our aspiration

This attitude is reflected in the company’s aspiration: To be consistently successful. Being consistently successful means not just looking for instant success but considering the long-term impact of each measure when making a decision. It is a motto and objective for everyday working. In different market and company situations, being “consistently successful” will require very different steps. At the same time, the aspiration also characterises the company. “Consistently successful” describes the very essence of Progroup and is thus synonymous with the story of success stretching back over more than 25 years.

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