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Less is more

2018 was a year of exceptional weather events. Climate change is real. Global warming, consumption of resources and energy, emissions – energy-intensive industries such as the paper industry in particular need to adopt a completely new approach to these issues. With its Next Generation Products, Progroup is taking responsibility for the environment.

Demanding challenges

The publication of the Roadmap 2050 in 2011 made a statement championing a more climate-friendly and more energy-efficient Europe. The paper industry responded to this with an ambitious roadmap of its own. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 per cent compared to 1990.

Tomorrow’s technologies in demand

For Progroup it was clear that this goal could only be reached by embracing ground-breaking technologies. Questions needed to be answered: How can the use of fibres and energy be reduced? How can CO2 emissions be curbed? How can lighter and yet strong containerboard and corrugated board be manufactured?

Light high-performance papers: Next Fibre®

The path to delivering resource-saving papers began back in 2006 with the concept of the PM2 paper machine in Eisenhüttenstadt. It started production in 2010. This high-tech machine made it possible for the first time to produce light and resource-saving papers with grammages of from 60 to 80 g/m2 in an economical way. The advantages of Next Fibre® are that less raw material is used while at the same time increasing performance compared to traditional varieties.

CO2 pollution halved

Neutral institutions confirmed that Next Fibre® delivered outstanding figures in the product carbon footprint certification right from day one. The papers have since been recertified: The papers save over half of the CO2 emissions during production in comparison to standard papers. The material is thinner and this means that more metres of it can be transported in one truckload. One in seven truck journeys can be saved as a result. This ensures that Next Fibre® also helps to conserve the environment with fewer exhaust emissions.

New structure, improved performance: Next Board®

Next Board® corrugated board is produced from Next Fibre® papers. This means it is up to 30 per cent lighter than conventional corrugated board – while retaining the same strength and in some cases boasting even higher strength. This is achieved thanks to the corrugated board having a completely revised structure. New dimensions in the depth of the embossing, the height of the web and the partition produce new corrugated board designs, new flutes and flute combinations. Next Board® will thus supersede the old traditional corrugated board structure.

More precision, more ecology

The new Next Board® corrugated board generation allows products to be packaged better and more ecologically. The material requires less space and weighs less overall. Accordingly, freight capacity can be better utilised and energy costs are reduced for logistics. The packaging has a more defined look: folding edges are more precise and smoother surfaces enable an outstanding printed image to be produced.

Protective and sustainable: Next Box®

The Next Box® packaging completes the family of Next Generation Products. It is manufactured from Next Board® corrugated board by our highly efficient partners that specialise in the manufacture of packaging. High quality, safe protection of products and a responsible approach to the environment can all be delivered with Next Box® packaging.

Good arguments to persuade informed consumers

Today’s lifestyle includes informed and empowered citizens consciously focusing on and engaging with the environment. LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) consumers are the real power consumers of the future. Producers of brand-name products know how important it is to win them over by using sustainable packaging. With Next Fibre®, Next Board® and Next Box®, Progroup has created a new generation of packaging for them that features pioneering developments.

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