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Packaging parks: The business model with a future

In the heart of Europe Progroup has joined forces with reliable packaging manufacturers to implement eight packaging parks. The company has been embracing this extremely efficient way of collaborating since as far back as 1998. In the last two years, parks in Plößberg/Germany, Trzcinica/Poland and in Drizzona/Italy have started operating. The proportion of packaging park customers is set to continue to increase significantly in the future.

Different models trialled

With the “traditional” model, trucks bring the corrugated sheetboard to the packaging manufacturer. With the neighbourhood model, a delivery facility takes over the role of the vehicles. The sheets are transported on conveyor belts via a bridge or tunnel into the neighbouring company’s production facility. With the latest model, the integration model, Progroup constructs and operates a corrugator at the customer’s site.

High synergy effects

The benefits for both parties are persuasive particularly with the last two models: A high-performance corrugator is combined with specialist packaging manufacturing. The production of corrugated board and packaging take place in automated fashion with the volume balanced to reflect external quantities. At the same time, both companies retain their full independence and can focus on their specific core business.

Improved processing quality

The physical proximity reduces the outlay on logistics to an absolute minimum. Damage caused during transportation is prevented. Inclement weather no longer plays a role because the climate at the packaging park facilities can be controlled in an optimum way. This results in precise packaging and a smooth manufacturing process.

More delivery reliability

Coordinated technical equipment and tried-and-tested warehousing and logistics
management deliver maximum delivery reliability. Urgent needs at short notice can
be handled more easily and with a quicker response through flexible interaction.

Increased opportunities for innovation

The close working relationship allows the partners to work together to develop innovations and further enhance them in day-to-day operations. Both partners benefit from the findings which are gathered. The valuable experiences that Progroup gains in its plants are in turn incorporated into existing plants and future packaging parks.

Joint market cultivation

Improvements made in production require more market cultivation when it comes to sales. Cooperation in the area of sales and marketing makes it possible to achieve these necessary increases in orders. The focus here is on larger end customers and on brand-name manufacturers.

Cooperation with persuasive benefits

Progroup is convinced that the packaging park model in all its manifestations will shape the way that companies work together in the future. The company is very much open to the expansion of relationships with customers, right through to a close collaboration delivering the maximum possible efficiency.


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