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Corrugated Sheetboard

Brand-name quality for your solutions

Progroup manufactures containerboard and corrugated sheetboard as well as the patented and certified Next Generation Products. A high-tech machine has been able to produce these lightweight, resource-conserving products efficiently since 2006. The benefits: Less use of raw materials coupled with enhanced performance compared to traditional grades.

Customised corrugated sheetboard formats

Progroup produces corrugated sheetboard formats at eleven locations in Central Europe. The product range comprises all grades of high-quality corrugated board based on its own paper production. Orders can be placed online around the clock, individually manufactured within 48 hours and delivered in a specific time window.

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Brand-name quality for best results

Brand-name quality for best results

Brand-name quality for best results


High-quality corrugated board

With our high-quality grades of corrugated board, we have become the market leader for corrugated sheetboard in Europe. The product range includes the profiles F, FE, E, EB, B, BE, BC, C, AC, AAC, B NG, BC NG, single-wall, double-wall or triple-wall, supplied as brown or white corrugated sheetboard. We are adopting an entirely new approach with our Next Board® corrugated boards. They represent a new way of thinking about corrugated board. They are produced from our lightweight Next Fibre® containerboard which is made in a way that saves fibre and built up in new flute combinations.

Certified brand quality

Supreme quality demands internationally recognised standards. Here are Progroup’s most important quality, environmental and energy management systems to download:

Certificate of the Forest Stewardship Council® for responsible forestry.

Certificate download

Integrated energy management system for our corrugated board production operations according to ISO 5001.

Certificate download

Certificate attesting that corrugated board grades are safe for use in contact with food.

Certificate download

Environmental management system for our corrugated cardboard production at the PW07 and PW14 sites in accordance with ISO 14001 : 2015.

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Maximum productivity for corrugated sheetboard

Progroup boasts the fastest high-tech machines with working widths of up to 3.30 metres at ten locations in Central Europe. This innovative technology makes it possible to produce all grades of corrugated board, including the fine flutes such as E and F grades. The networking of all corrugated sheetboard plants enables the central control of all data and customer orders and provides high-speed production with a variety of products.

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What customers repeatedly want to know – questions and answers

We have put together for you the answers to the most frequently asked questions about a wide range of different topics relating to paper production and safe use with foodstuffs. If your concern or question has not been addressed, we ask you to get in touch with us.

Does Progroup Board manufacture all types of corrugated board at each plant?

The flute types C, B, B NG, BC and BC NG are offered in all countries. Grades with the flute combinations AC and AAC are supplied right across Europe from the production sites in Offenbach and Burg. This requires at least half a truckload. We can offer other flute types in response to requests from different plants.

Are there minimum quantities when placing orders?

The minimum order size for standard grades is 200 m². But the prerequisite for this is the delivery of one full truckload and a minimum quantity of 1 million m² each year. This is the only way that we are able to safeguard a reliable delivery service and stable prices.

How are the sheets delivered to me?

They are preferably delivered on DB pallets with appropriate replacement. In individual cases or even on special request, deliveries can be made on one-way pallets. In Italy we generally deliver without using pallets. If necessary, the goods are provided with edge protection and appropriate strapping. The stack height is generally adapted to be suitable for one full truckload. Special requests in relation to the stack height must be examined in each individual case.

Can every format be ordered?

A minimum width of 250 mm and length of 500 mm must be maintained. In the case of triple-wall grades, the minimum length is 800 mm. The maximum dimensions differ from production plant to production plant. However, they are never less than a width of 2,450 mm and a length of 5,000 mm.

Which crease profiles does Progroup offer?

The standard crease for the lightweight grade is the “head to head” and the 3-point crease. When heavy-duty corrugated board is produced at the Burg and Offenbach sites, 5-point creases are preferably used. Other crease types can be offered following individual examination.

How do I become a Progroup customer?

Assuming that you meet the minimum criteria (minimum annual volume of 1 million m² and acceptance of fully loaded trucks), the relevant sales manager will contact you and start a customer system process. This generally takes around 1 week. Once this customer system has been successfully completed, you will receive a price list. You can then use this to place an order as soon as you receive it.

How do I communicate as a foreign-language customer?

Our customer service department offers all the languages of the countries to which we deliver. This means that you can easily communicate with us in your native language.

Will all grades be delivered within 48 h?

The range of grades is divided up into quality priorities. These priorities (A to C) reflect the production cycle of the grade. A grade with A priority is produced daily, whereas a C priority is produced once or twice a week. The aim is generally to supply all grades to you within 48 hours.

Can I pick up my goods from you myself?

To guarantee a smooth process when dispatching goods, we prefer to deliver using carriers that we organise ourselves, or our own freight carrier.

Can you guarantee the reliability of supply?

Thanks to the large number of production plants and their delivery radiuses, which overlap, we are able to guarantee deliveries even if we have a delivery capacity issue by switching to another production site. Progroup also largely gets its supply of paper from its own production facilities. This means that there is no dependence on the paper market and maximum supply reliability is guaranteed.


Quality papers for the most demanding requirements

Progroup produces high-quality containerboard at two sites in Germany. The containerboard is produced exclusively on the basis of recovered paper. With its “K-Line” and “SLW-Line” product lines, Progroup offers a wide range of paper grades.


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Next Generation Products

Progroup offers high-performance containerboard and corrugated board in the form of Next Fibre®, Next Board®. Progroup develops products that are environmentally friendly and conserve resources by making investments in new papers, new corrugated board designs and new technologies.

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