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Power of Innovation, Power of Cooperation and Power of Fascination are the drivers and secret behind Progroup's success. The Power of Cooperation is particularly important in the area of logistics. Progroup’s cooperation with its customers is crucial for its success: A packaging park model will never be successful without close cooperation.

Packaging is systemically important because it is indispensable in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Sophisticated logistical planning is required to deliver the raw material that is needed to make packaging - corrugated board - to the packaging manufacturers on time.

Consignments need to be managed in an intelligent and eco-friendly way. Progroup’s packaging parks, which are constructed in cooperation with the customers, are crucial for achieving this goal. Fewer truck journeys are required, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

Progroup has three business models. The traditional model, the packaging park I model and the packaging park II model. The packaging park models represent the closest form of working relationship with the customers and are a successful example of the “Power of Cooperation”. Progroup is convinced that the packaging park in all its manifestations will increasingly define the way that companies work together.


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Progroup Logistics safeguards a large proportion of the logistics services for the whole Group and its supply chain partners with its own fleet and support from long-standing cooperation with established transport partners. The company is 95% occupied with intralogistics. Incoming consigments are generally recovered papers and new papers; outgoing consigments are corrugated board and containerboard as well as orders for board customers. In addition, in what is known as positioning transport services (FTL – full truck loads) are also provided for external customers.


Our logistics team offers you an electronic tracking and tracing system of the very latest generation. Online systems provide you with information about loading and unloading times, through to our premium service for freight cargos that are transported as a priority.

The Progroup fleet of 60 tractor units of its own is equipped with the very latest telematics, driver assistance systems and other safety features and the latest emissions standard. Replacement of the entire fleet after 36 months for each vehicle ensures that the latest standards are complied with.


The light but stable design of the megatrailers permits payloads of 26.5 t and a loading area of up to 14.90 m.


FleetBoard support makes it easier for the driver to drive economically by providing tips. FleetBoard also serves simultaneously as the link of the transport management team at head office to the driver. Route planning and monitoring, navigation and the whole order management are safeguarded via the built-in telematics solution.


The fleet of partner companies is also assembled to meet the same standards that Progroup Logistics sets with its own fleet.


Overview of the advantages:

  • Efficient, reliable engines
  • Finely tuned drivetrain configurations with optimised axle ratio
  • Driving programmes designed to reduce fuel consumption
  • Refined aerodynamics and fuel-reduced auxiliaries


We are constantly looking for transport partners to deliver oneway consignments from the various sites of Progroup Board and Progroup Paper. The requirements for Progroup Paper are standard trailers or megatrailers, each with a minimum payload of 25 to. If you want to work for Progroup Board, the fleet should be equipped with megatrailers or semi-trailer units with an inside height of at least 3.00 m and a payload of at least 12 to.


We are also looking for transport partners to work on behalf of Progroup Logistics GmbH. The fleet should comprise megatrailers with a payload of at least 25 to. We will make arrangements for your vehicles to work permanently within our network. In addition, we can also offer complete loads to the various Progroup Board and Progroup Paper plants.


Whatever assignments you wish to take on, Progroup Logistics has the highest standards in terms of the environment, safety and vehicle technology. Learn more and get in contact with us.

We have put together for you the answers to the most frequently asked questions about a wide range of different topics relating to paper production and safe use with foodstuffs. If your concern or question has not been addressed, we ask you to get in touch with us.

When is it possible to load at your plants?

Depending on the loading date which is agreed with the scheduling department, it is possible to load at any plant non-stop from Monday 6.00 am to Saturday 6.00 am.

Can I be activated for Transporeon through you?

Progroup currently does not assign any loads for transport through Transporeon. You will occasionally find loads offered on the platform Timocom.

On which platforms do you put loads out to tender?

For transport tendering, we utilise the platform www.ticontract.com

Can I apply to you for work as a driver?

You may of course also apply to Progroup to work as a driver. For more details, please also have a look at the information in our careers section.

Can I apply to you to work as a transport partner?

You can apply to Progroup at any time to work as a transport partner if you meet the necessary requirements. For more details, please also have a look at the information under Transport partners.

How much CO2 can be saved during transport using Next Board®

Next Board® corrugated boards weigh less and are thinner, which means that 16% more m² can be transported on each truck. However, each truck load is heavier overall due to the additional quantity. As more corrugated board can be transported on each truck, fewer trips are required overall to transport the same amount of corrugated board. 1 in 7 truck journeys can be saved. You can find more information about this under Next Generation Products.

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