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Progroup donates 10,000 euros for young people at the local fire brigade in Burg

Burg/Germany, 6 August 2021. Progroup is donating 10,000 euros for young people at the local fire brigade in Burg. Philipp Kosloh, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Board of Progroup, handed over the symbolic cheque to head of the brigade Jens Wiedemann.

The site operated by Progroup in Burg is the company’s biggest, comprising a corrugated sheetfeeder plant, a paper factory and a logistics company. “In a company like Progroup, which manufactures paper and corrugated board sheets, fire safety is hugely important. We count ourselves very lucky to be able to rely on the fire brigade in Burg in an emergency,” says Philipp Kosloh in handing over the donation. “The service that the fire fighters provide is invaluable to society. We are thrilled that we are able to support the work to educate the next generation about fire safety.”

Jens Wiedemann adds: “To provide the fire brigade service, which takes up a great deal of time and relies largely on voluntary work, it is crucially important to constantly recruit enthusiastic people. We are delighted that with the generous donation from Progroup we will be able to carry on recruiting and supporting our next generation.” Specifically, the fire brigade wants to make investments in improving its equipment, offer team-building exercises for the children and young people, and promote the recruitment of new members to join the junior fire brigade.

With 14 sites in six countries, Progroup is a part of many communities in Central Europe. The company benefits from the existing infrastructure as well as lots of committed and well-trained employees.

As a good neighbour, Progroup wants to give something back to these communities. This is why the company likes to participate in public life, is keen to engage in dialogue and is committed to supporting the common good at a local level. It gets involved by supporting projects which support children and young people. This may be in education but also in sport, or may involve specifically supporting disadvantaged children and young people.

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