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Employee Stories

  • Frédéric Mineau

    „On a run you cannot just set off running. You need to have a clear plan, follow your rhythm and, above all, never lose sight of your goal. This is no different at work.“

  • Anica Lippert

    „When I touch any piece of paper, I automatically start thinking what might be in it, whether it’s corrugated board or a paper handkerchief. It really takes hold of you.“

Questioning the technical parameters, pushing the boundaries of what is possible – this has been an essential foundation of our success right from day one. And nothing binds people together more than a collective effort to achieve ambitious goals. The desire to perform, the joy of success and pride in achieving something together – this is what spurs us on. We work together with a solutions-based approach to overcome challenges, set standards and with our successes we impress our customers, our partners and ourselves.

We at Progroup are proud to be the technology leader, organisational leader and therefore cost leader in our segment. We invest in the latest high-tech processes and constantly strive to keep developing. For we know that in a market like ours continuous innovations and optimum processes provide the crucial conditions that allow the company to be successful.

Our employees achieve incredible things. And yes, we also expect a great deal from them. But we reward them properly in return because the opportunities for promotion and career development, the team spirit and corporate culture are outstanding at Progroup. Sharing in the company’s success – in tangible and intangible ways – is a core value of our company. Power is our DNA, which is why we need power players who are capable of actually delivering this power. It is only with their support that we are able to meet our aspiration to be consistently successful over the long term.

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