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Kimberly Hamm

Accounts clerk, responsible for Progroup Power 1 GmbH on…


…how she started at Progroup:

“The training to become an offi ce manager at the PW06 plant was brilliant. I really enjoyed the introductory week with all the other apprentices from the other plants, getting to know the Board members in person, visiting Group Offi ce and also the team-building exercise at Kandel Climbing Park. I was totally delighted and amazed to fi nd that something like this actually existed. My fellow students at vocational college did not have such a good place to start their career.”



... her new job:

“My trainer recognised my potential early on and gently urged me to pursue a career in accounts – even though the topic of bookkeeping was definitely not my favourite during my technical diploma.

I found it rather dry and lacking in practical relevance. Although I only completed my training a year ago, I want to take on responsibility in my new job from day one. I really like getting stuck in and need the challenge.”


... her employer:

“My grandma is particularly thrilled that my career is going so well: She was the person who fi rst spotted the job advertisement on the internet and persuaded me to apply for an apprenticeship at Progroup. And I now work for a considerate employer that caresb about the well-being of its employees.”

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