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Process of growth and integration at Progroup AG continues: Prowell is expanding in Poland with another corrugated sheetboard plant in the form of a packaging park 2 model

Prowell, a Progroup AG company, is expanding with another packaging park in south-western Poland. In the fourth quarter of 2016, Prowell will be launching its ninth corrugated sheetboard plant as a fully owned subsidiary of Progroup AG at the Trzcinica site. In the immediate vicinity of and with a direct link to the packaging specialist Janmar Centrum, it will be able to exploit all of the advantages of a modern packaging park in full. The new Prowell plant will be fully integrated within the Progroup network so that all of the relevant data and orders can be centrally managed in a highly efficient way. This will make it possible to achieve the maximum synergy and integration effects within Progroup’s business model on the one hand and as part of the packaging park model on the other hand.

Packaging park model – physical proximity and automated deliveries
It was back in 1998 that Prowell launched the first packaging park model. There are now a total of six packaging parks operating extremely successfully right in the heart of Europe. In a packaging park, the packaging manufacturer is supplied by Prowell with corrugated sheet boards directly via fully automatic transport systems. The whole process is fully automated using IT systems. Once an order is received, all other processes proceed fully automatically. In a strategic partnership with Janmar Centrum, another packaging park is set to be launched in Trzcinica in the fourth quarter of 2016 in order to give a further boost to both Janmar Centrum and Prowell customers in the region.

Advantages compared to traditional business model
The inherent advantage of the packaging park model compared to integrated packaging plants is the combination of specialist packaging manufacture with the highly integrated volume production of a high-performance corrugated board machine, while avoiding logistical disadvantages. A competitive advantage is created in particular by interlinking the two business models while both companies fully retain their independence.

Power of innovation – state-of-the-art corrugated sheetboard plant
The new Prowell corrugated board plant is being constructed with a total investment of around 23 million euros and is being planned with a great deal of attention paid to energy efficiency, conservation of the environment and Industry 4.0. Following a start-up and optimisation phase, each year the highly modern “state-of-the-art” corrugated board machine will produce 250 million m² of corrugated board with a working width of 2.80 m and thus blend seamlessly into the Progroup mill system. With a working speed of up to 450 m/min, the machine will be able to produce single-wall and double-wall corrugated board with minimal use of manpower.

New jobs in Trzcinica
The overall concept when it comes to the flow of materials, energy efficiency and acoustics, which has already been successfully applied at the Prowell packaging park in Plößberg (Germany), will now also be employed in Trzcinica and this will provide a solid basis for around 40 high-quality jobs at Prowell and around 30 jobs at Janmar Centrum.

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