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Why Progroup

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The Progroup corporate values are the guiding star and yardstick for all our activities and decisions. They define how we work in our team and with our customers, as well as the manner in which we want to achieve our goals.

To deploy the company’s full power, we need real power players. Employees who know that every single individual matters. And that every single individual is always only as good as the team in and with which s/he works. We offer them challenges which allow them to develop and grow and the long-term prospects of working for a family-run company.

Performance & rewards

Progroup is a high-performance company which grows from and with its challenges. We place the best outcome for us and our customers at the centre of everything we do. Our staff demonstrate great commitment. In return we offer excellent rewards: salary, promotion, development opportunities, team spirit and corporate culture are above average at Progroup; participation in the success of our company are a core value.

Cooperation & teamwork

Cooperation with our customers and suppliers based on trust forms the foundation for the successful onward development of our business model. Our operational procedures follow an integrated process organisation within which all our corporate units are networked and work efficiently together. We are a SINGLE team which is working together to achieve success, and always places the overall outcome over individual interests.

Trust & respect

Progroup stands for a high level of trust, credibility and reliability. Our staff benefit from the stability of a company under family management. We devolve responsibility, communicate openly and with respect; we are a strong community in which we trust and respect each other. Our customers can count on an optimal performance from us on their behalf.

Learning & development

To remain the leaders in a commodity business we must always move forward. We have our ear to the market and listen to what our customers say. We are willing and able to learn, open to whatever is new and of assistance to our customers, staff and company.

Momentum & growth

Progroup's visionary business strategy and unique business model make us the company with the largest organic growth in our sector. We are continuously expanding to meet our ambitious goals. Progroup is a highly dynamic company. Inaction is foreign to us.

Innovation & efficiency

At Progroup we are proud to be ahead of our segment in the fields of technology and organisation – an achievement which also makes us the cost leader. We invest in the latest high-tech processes and never stand still. This is how we achieve profitable growth for ourselves and our customers. We offer our staff an attractive, safe and secure workplace as well as providing our investors with interesting investment opportunities. We also reduce our environmental impact by resource-efficient products and manufacturing processes.

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