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Progroup with new brand image

Progroup is currently changing more than it ever has done previously in its history. This is why it is particularly important to present a clear and consistent brand image to the market – and to give the company a clear, consistent name: Progroup.

One name

Buoyant growth, increasing globalisation, a new paper factory, four new corrugated sheetboard plants, and lots of new employees – our company is currently undergoing a series of major changes. It is vital to remain focused and this is why in July 2017 work began on a vital element of this focussing process: combining Progroup’s previous companies Prowell, Propapier, Propower and Prologistik under one name – Progroup.

Triple power

This focusing is evident in the new image and a symbol that represents not just Progroup but also the company’s power: the P. The basis for its design and the most important element of Progroup’s future image is a stylised ribbon. The shape of the ribbon represents the order and efficient flow of production and represents Progroup’s materials, paper and corrugated board. The ribbon is dynamic, can repeatedly respond to changes and adapt and thus symbolises the Power of Innovation. It links together partners and poles as an expression of the Power of Cooperation. And it is fascinating in its versatility and expressiveness, thus symbolising the Power of Fascination.

Consistently successful

The focusing of the brand is also accompanied by a new motto: Consistently successful – this is Progroup’s new claim and at the same time our aspiration. Setting priorities, combining powers, acting flexibly, constantly and consistently as a brand in the market – this is what Progroup does, it is the basis of our success.

Focus on digital media and people

The new corporate design is geared around the particular design requirements of digital media. But it will also be used in printed media, on the street and in rooms. As well as emphasising the technical design, our new imagery therefore particularly focuses on people. Individual portraits, reports, detailed shots and panoramic images create visual excitement and a vibrant feel because Progroup works proactively for and with customers. As a joint team of employees.

Futureproof with Two Twentyfive

CEO Jürgen Heindl is very happy with the new image: “It is enabling us to focus very much on striding energetically into the future without discarding our hugely successful past. I am certain that this fresh blend of new and tried-and-tested things will make Progroup futureproof not just from a business, technology and organisational perspective, but also in the way we present our company.”

Progroup will be introducing the new image gradually through to the end of 2019. Discover the power of Progroup:

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