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Maximilian Heindl appointed as Deputy Chairman

From 1 August 2017 Maximilian Heindl, son of the company founder and Chief Executive Officer Jürgen Heindl, will be taking over responsibility as Deputy Chairman in Progroup’s senior management team. Maximilian Heindl joined the company back in mid-2016 and successfully took charge of the area of production and technology at Propapier (PM1 and PM2) as well as assuming overall responsibility for Propower.

With the appointment of Maximilian Heindl as Deputy Chairman, the future course for the successful development of the family company has been set at an early stage

With the Two Twentyfive strategy, which began in 2016, Progroup is approaching the ten-year period that lies ahead with ambitious projects and success-driven trade and is consistently striving to expand its market leadership in the sheet-feeding market in Central Europe. The required structural reconfiguration and expansion of the Executive Board is now continuing its logical progress with the appointment of Maximilian Heindl to the role of Deputy Chairman.

At Progroup, as well as serving on the Executive Board, Maximilian Heindl will continue in his role as head of the area of production and technology for Propapier and assume overall responsibility for Propower. Before he joined Progroup, Maximilian Heindl was successfully employed as P&S EMEA Director of Production and as management consultant for Business Line P&S at Voith Paper GmbH & Co. KG in Heidenheim.

Maximilian Heindl is assuming responsibility as Deputy Chairman in Progroup’s Senior management team

Bei Progroup wird Maximilian Heindl neben der Tätigkeit im Vorstand weiterhin in seiner Funktion als Bereichsleiter Produktion und Technik Propapier tätig sein und die Gesamtverantwortung von Propower inne haben. Vor seiner Zeit bei Progroup war Maximilian Heindl erfolgreich als Director of Production P&S EMEA und als Referent der Geschäftsleitung Business Line P&S bei der Voith Paper GmbH & Co. KG in Heidenheim aktiv.

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