The new corrugated board generation: Slimmer, lighter, same performance

The Next Fibre® high-performance papers are used to manufacture the Next Board® corrugated boards. Thanks to newly developed corrugated board designs, Progroup has successfully managed to achieve higher ECT values as well as improved compressive strength with less use of materials.

The change to the height and width of the flutes and the radiuses of the wave shape in different combinations are the key to optimising performance. Smaller separations and lower heights of the flute make the “free clamping length” shorter, the number of support points increases, which in turn increases the durability.

In addition, this creates a largely flat paper surface which enables a clean, uniform printing result to be achieved. A disruptive ripple effect is effectively prevented.

The “Product Carbon Footprint” certification of TÜV Rheinland also confirms that Next Board® saves up to 15% CO₂ pollution in manufacturing compared to customary grades available in the market.

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