Do you want to become a transport partner of Progroup?

We are constantly looking for transport partners to deliver oneway consignments from the various sites of Progroup Board and Progroup Paper. The requirements for Progroup Paper are standard trailers or megatrailers, each with a minimum payload of 25 to. If you want to work for Progroup Board, the fleet should be equipped with megatrailers or semi-trailer units with an inside height of at least 3.00 m and a payload of at least 12 to.

We are also looking for transport partners to work on behalf of Progroup Logistics GmbH. The fleet should comprise megatrailers with a payload of at least 25 to. We will make arrangements for your vehicles to work permanently within our network. In addition, we can also offer complete loads to the various Progroup Board and Progroup Paper plants.

Whatever assignments you wish to take on, Progroup Logistics has the highest standards in terms of the environment, safety and vehicle technology. Learn more and get in contact with us.

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