The Progroup fleet of 60 tractor units of its own is equipped with the very latest telematics, driver assistance systems and other safety features and the latest emissions standard. Replacement of the entire fleet after 36 months for each vehicle ensures that the latest standards are complied with.

The light but stable design of the megatrailers permits payloads of 26.5 t and a loading area of up to 14.90 m.

FleetBoard support makes it easier for the driver to drive economically by providing tips. FleetBoard also serves simultaneously as the link of the transport management team at head office to the driver. Route planning and monitoring, navigation and the whole order management are safeguarded via the built-in telematics solution.

The fleet of partner companies is also assembled to meet the same standards that Progroup Logistics sets with its own fleet.

    Overview of the advantages:
  • Efficient, reliable engines
  • Finely tuned drivetrain configurations with optimised axle ratio
  • Driving programmes designed to reduce fuel consumption
  • Refined aerodynamics and fuel-reduced auxiliaries
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