Innovation creates Power

The powerhouse in Eisenhüttenstadt

Continuation of the Green Hightech philosophy

The combined heat and power plant supplies steam and power to Progroup’s PM2 paper machine situated in the immediate vicinity in Eisenhüttenstadt. Progroup thereby ensures that it has largely no reliance on fossil fuels. As with all the company’s technical facilities, the power plant also sets the benchmark in power plant construction and operation. Investments have been made in state-of-the-art facilities based on the principles of technological leadership. At the same time, the plant is designed with the environment in mind, very much in line with Progroup’s Green Hightech philosophy.

Innovation creates “power” – Energy from waste materials. Tangible relief for landfill sites.

Energy based on the principle of combined heat and power.

The power plant generates up to 1 million tonnes of steam and up to 160 GWh of power every year. This enables it to supply all the steam and roughly 50% of the power that the PM2 paper machine requires. The electricity is fed into the general power grid and then taken off again in accordance with demand. The power plant is operated using alternative fuels, which means industrial and household waste as well as waste materials from the paper industry. Up to 80 truckloads of alternative fuels are delivered each working day and they complement the residual materials left over from paper production on PM2. The concept of “recycling rather than disposal” really is practised at the site.

A clean business – Low-emission burning with a high energy yield.

World’s largest plant of its type.

The power plant is equipped with a fluidised bed boiler for burning up to 350,000 tonnes of alternative fuels a year. The thermal recycling at 850°C enables optimum burnout, reduces the combustion residues and the formation of dangerous gases. With 150 MW/h of thermal output, the power plant is currently the largest facility of its type in the world. To conserve the environment, a waste gas purification facility with maximum levels of efficiency has been installed. All emissions limits can be complied with easily thanks to the very latest technology. Strict noise insulation also allows it to operate very quietly. “Power makes no noise, it is there and works” – this sentence uttered by Albert Schweitzer really does apply here.

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