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Sustainability at Progroup

Always looking to the future

A sustainable approach to business has been actively championed at Progroup ever since it was founded in 1991. Environmental protection is part of the company’s philosophy. Progroup has been pursuing a Green Hightech strategy for almost 30 years. At our sites we implement the principle of zero waste and recycling, and conserve valuable resources. In recognition of this, our paper factories PM2 and PM3 have been awarded the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) certificate. 

Sustainability report for the 2021 financial year

By publishing its first sustainability report, Progroup is presenting a comprehensive review of its social, ecological and economic activities in 2021. The report provides a detailed summary of the family company's sustainability activities, such as how it handles natural resources and its involvement with social causes.


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How we champion responsibility

At our 14 sites in Central Europe, as an attractive employer we not only create modern and sustainable jobs, but also take social responsibility. We get involved in public life and in projects that benefit society as a whole. On a social level, we have a strong commitment to educating and training children and young people. To boost the economic strength in the regions, we prefer to work with skilled businesses from the local region.

Resource conservation

We have been pursuing a Green Hightech strategy for almost 30 years and we advocate zero waste and recycling in order to conserve resources.

When it comes to paper-making, we reduce the amount of fresh water and fossil fuels that are used by generating our own power. The raw materials for making containerboard are produced entirely from recovered paper. The corrugated board end product is fully recyclable and is returned to the loop because consumers recycle their waste. In addition, sustainable measures in production and logistics reduce CO2 emissions.

Sustainable products

Investments in eco-friendly technologies

At our site in Sandersdorf-Brehna, we have built one of the world’s most modern paper factories. Following the motto of “Think long-term, act sustainably”, we alone have invested around 100 million euros in advanced, environmentally friendly technologies. The integrated circulation water treatment plant reduces the use of fresh water by 80 per cent. The plant operates like a biological kidney and cleans the process water so that it can be reused.

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